Amazing Chase Sapphire Lounge New York LaGuardia Now Open


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Chase is continuing to expand its network of airport lounges, known as the Chase Sapphire Lounges by the Club. We’ve already seen the opening of the Chase Sapphire Lounge Hong Kong and Chase Sapphire Lounge Boston, and now we’ve seen the opening of a third lounge, which looks even more impressive than the first two. On top of that, we’ll soon see the opening a fourth lounge at New York JFK.

Basics of the Chase Sapphire Lounge New York LaGuardia Airport

Today (Tuesday, January 16, 2024), the Chase Sapphire Lounge by The Club has opened at New York LaGuardia Airport (LGA). The two-floor Chase Sapphire Lounge New York LaGuardia is 21,800 square feet, and it’s the largest lounge in the network to date.

The lounge is located post-security on the fourth floor of the newly redeveloped Terminal B, right next to the Amex Centurion Lounge. It’s open daily from 4:30AM until 9:30PM.

So, what can we expect from this lounge?

  • The lounge features a variety of food options, including made-to-order and ready-to-eat options
  • The lounge has a cocktail bar serving a variety of signature cocktails and mocktails, in partnership with cocktail bar Apotheke
  • The lounge also has a selection of wine curated by Parcelle
  • The lounge has coffee from Joe Coffee, including a variety of barista-made drinks
  • The lounge has dedicated wellness rooms with treatments from Face Haus, an open concept facial bar; visitors can choose from a variety of treatment options from an on-site esthetician, as well as complimentary Fly By Face Haus Skincare Travel Kit
  • The lounge also features a game room with vintage and retro designs, a playroom for kids, and a nursing room
  • The lounge has furniture from Cappellini, Poliform, Moroso, DePadova, and more, as well as artwork curated by the JPMorgan Chase Art Collection

Below you can find some pictures of the lounge, shared by Chase.

Chase Sapphire Lounge LaGuardia
Chase Sapphire Lounge LaGuardia
Chase Sapphire Lounge LaGuardia
Chase Sapphire Lounge LaGuardia
Chase Sapphire Lounge LaGuardia
Chase Sapphire Lounge LaGuardia wellness area
Chase Sapphire Lounge LaGuardia game area

Intriguing new Reserve Suites by Chase concept

Here’s another really interesting concept. The Chase Sapphire Lounge LaGuardia features The Reserve Suites by Chase, which are private rooms that are bookable by cardmembers. There are three of these rooms, with each accommodating up to eight people, and one accommodating up to four people.

Those who book one of these suites will have access to a dedicated suite attendant, a special menu from Jeffrey’s Grocery, a personal bathroom with a shower, a signature caviar service upon arrival, a special wine list curated by Parcelle, a fully-stocked snack and refreshments center, and a gift prior to departing.

So, what’s the cost for this experience? It ranges from $2,200 for the smaller room (accommodating up to four people), to $3,000 for one of the larger rooms (accommodating up to eight people). That cost is a for a stay of up to three hours.

What an interesting direction for Chase to take. On the one hand, this seems super exclusive and premium, and credit card issuers are trying to create more premium experiences for card members. On the other hand, the people who have that kind of cash to drop on an experience like this also aren’t likely to want to show up at LaGuardia three hours early just to pay for the privilege of sitting in a special room.

It’s certainly an innovative concept, and I’m curious if we see this expand to other locations over time.

Chase Sapphire Lounge LaGuardia Reserve Suite

Chase Sapphire Lounge New York LaGuardia entry requirements

So, who can access the Chase Sapphire Lounge New York LaGuardia? Here are the entry requirements for all Chase Sapphire Lounges in the United States:

  • Those with a Priority Pass membership through the Chase Sapphire Reserve® Card (review) can access the lounge an unlimited number of times, with up to two complimentary guests; this also applies to those with the Ritz-Carlton Credit Card, which is no longer open to new applicants
  • Those with a Priority Pass membership issued through any other means can access any Chase Sapphire Lounge in the United States once per calendar year at no additional cost (that’s one visit across all lounges, not per lounge), and guests aren’t complimentary; subsequent visits, as well as guests, will be charged an entry fee of $75
  • If you don’t have a Priority Pass membership, you can outright buy access to the lounge for $100 per person per visit, subject to availability
  • Chase Sapphire Lounges are only accessible within three hours of departure, unless you’re connecting, in which case you can access it earlier

The Chase Sapphire Lounge New York LaGuardia looks amazing!

When Chase first announced plans for its airport lounges, I tried to manage my expectations, since these are also sort of Priority Pass lounges. However, the execution of these lounges has exceeded my expectations massively.

Well, it seems to be like the Chase Sapphire Lounge New York LaGuardia really takes the lounge network to the next level — the lounge is massive, and features complimentary spa treatments, amazing food and drinks, and even barista coffee. While I haven’t visited the lounge yet, this sounds to me like it might just be the best credit card lounge in the United States to date.

The Reserve Suites by Chase concept is also innovative, as we’ve never seen a concept this premium from a credit card lounge before. I’m curious how popular this proves to be.

Another exciting thing about this new lounge is that it should alleviate some of the crowding in the adjacent Amex Centurion Lounge.

Bottom line

The Chase Sapphire Lounge New York LaGuardia has opened as of January 16, and looks incredible. Not only is the lounge huge, but it features barista coffee, complimentary spa treatments, and private suites that can be reserved for an extra cost. That’s on top of the very strong food and beverage game in these lounges, plus gorgeous design. I can’t wait to check out this lounge, as it’s almost certainly be the best Priority Pass lounge in the United States.

What do you make of the Chase Sapphire Lounge New York LaGuardia?

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