New Netflix Show About MH370 Disappearance


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There’s a show coming to Netflix in a few weeks, which I imagine many of us will be interested in watching…

“MH370: The The Plane That Disappeared”

Arguably the greatest mystery in modern aviation is the disappearance of flight MH370. In March 2014, a Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777 with 239 people onboard went missing while enroute from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing. This has been the source of a lot of theories and speculation over the years, and a new Netflix show will be tackling that topic once again.

The “speculative docuseries” will be released on March 8, 2023, and will contain interviews with family members, scientists, and investigative journalists. This will be a three part series:

  • The first episode will take a close look into the hours and days following the plane’s disappearance, including what happened when conspiracy theories and false accusations started to spiral out of control
  • The second episode will discuss how the chances of two aircraft from the same airline crashing just months apart (as MH17 also crashed a few months later) is infinitesimal, causing conspiracy theories to go even further
  • The third episode explores how after extensive searches, there are questions of whether the wreckage found off the East African coast is in fact from MH370, as families and some journalists are skeptical

You can see the trailer for yourself below.

I’m looking forward to watching this

I like watching just about any sort of crime or mystery show on Netflix, and when there’s an aviation angle, I’m even more interested than usual. So I’ll of course be tuning in and watching this.

Over the years we’ve seen countless theories and discussions regarding MH370, and as someone who has followed this fairly closely over time, I can’t imagine there will be any major revelations here. Nonetheless, I look forward to seeing a fresh perspective on this aircraft disappearance.

MH370 really is an unbelievable mystery, and I can’t believe something like this could happen as recently as 2014. Nowadays a cheap AirTag can track your bag anywhere in the world, while we had a 777 quite literally disappear from the face of the earth.

The prevailing theories continues to be that the captain intentionally crashed the plane somewhere into the ocean, though we don’t know where. If that’s the case, one can’t help but wonder if the captain’s plan all along was to quite literally make the plane “disappear,” or if that somehow just happened.

I have to imagine that there are some powerful people who know a lot more about what happened than what they’ve shared. At least I’d like to believe that, because it’s more reassuring than believing that a 777 can simply vanish.

I feel horrible for the families of those who were onboard. It’s bad enough for so many lives to be lost. It’s even worse when families don’t get any closure…

Bottom line

On March 8, 2023, there will be a new Netflix series about the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines flight MH370. I’m looking forward to watching this, as this continues to remain the biggest mystery in modern aviation.

Are you going to be watching this show about MH370?

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