The Best Sex Toys Ever Invented For Women


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As a sex writer with a vagina, I’ve tried out more sex toys for women than I know what to do with. Truly, my overly full bedside drawer is only what’s currently in rotation, while my towering bookshelf stack threatens to topple over with each new toy placed on it. I’d wager there are upward of a hundred (honestly, maybe more) sex toys that have had the privilege of spending some QT with my vulva. She’s seen everything from a wide range of queer sex toys, suction vibrators, bullets, wands, rabbits, top-of-the-line luxury vibrators, and sex tech to the most affordable vibrators on sale — even discreet wearable panty vibes and sex toy jewelry. Hell, I’ve even pounded myself with a tool-shaped monster called the Love Hamma.

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