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If you’ve watched American Nightmare and still have questions, you may want to know where Matthew Muller is now after kidnapping Denise Huskins in what’s often referred to as the “real-life Gone Girl” case. In 2015, Huskins was kidnapped for a week while her boyfriend-now-husband Aaron Quinn was tied up by robbers, but when she turned up two days later “unharmed”, police dubbed the kidnapping a hoax.

“I remember being asleep and hearing a voice and thinking it was a dream,” Huskins told ABC 7. “But the voice kept talking and I just remember my eyes shot open and I could see the walls illuminated with a white light that was flashing and I could see a couple of red laser dots crossing the wall, and I could hear, ‘Wake up, this is a robbery. We’re not here to hurt you,’” Huskins said. “And in that moment, I just thought, ‘Oh my God. This is not a dream.’” It was later discovered that Quinn’s ex-fiancée, Andrea, who had lived at the house until the previous September, had been the intended target of the kidnapping.

As Netflix writes: “After a home invasion and abduction, a young couple’s recounting of the events is too far-fetched for the police to believe. Why did the victims seem so calm? Was it all a hoax? From the filmmakers behind The Tinder Swindler, this three-part docuseries unravels the consequences of our cultural rush to judgment, and the damage done when law enforcement decides the truth can’t possibly be true.”

It would be months until someone was arrested for the kidnapping; months of police demanding Huskins and Quinn to apologize for “wasting police resources”. But a failed home invasion that had similarities with Huskins’ case led to an arrest and eventual conviction of a disbarred, Harvard-educated attorney. So where is Matthew Muller now? All the details.

Where is Matthew Muller now?

Where is Matthew Muller now? As of January 2024, he’s serving out his 31-year sentence at FCI Tucson in Tucson, Arizona, according to the Federal Bureau of Prisons database. FCI Tucson is a medium-security federal correctional institution with a detention center.

In 2016, he pleaded guilty to the kidnapping of Denise Huskins but wasn’t sentenced until 2022. “There’s nothing I can say,” he said as he addressed the court, per SFGate. “I’m sick with shame that my actions have brought such devastation. I hope my imprisonment can bring closure to Aaron and Denise and I’m prepared for any sentence the court imposes.” He was already serving a 40-year sentence for federal crimes, per CBS News. Muller never revealed why Andrea was a target.

Denise Huskins

Sgt. Misty Carausu, of the Dublin Police Department, cracked Huskins’ case wide open when she identified Muller as a suspect in a similar, failed home invasion and attempted kidnapping in Dublin, nearly 40 miles south of Vallejo where Huskins was taken.

At the scene, Sgt. Carausu found a cellphone which she traced to a remote cabin in South Lake Tahoe and on a pair of blacked-out swim goggles, Carausu found a long strand of blond hair. That’s when she made the connection between Muller and Huskins.

The sergeant was shocked at how blasé investigators were when she came to them with this new information. “They are calling this woman a liar on national TV, but I just wanted to reach through the computer, give her a hug, and say, ‘I got you,’” she said American Nightmare.

Vallejo police apologized for initially discounting the couple’s story. In 2018, Huskins and Quinn reached a $2.5 million settlement with the city. Muller pleaded guilty to federal kidnapping charges and was sentenced in 2017 to 40 years in prison. 

Both Huskins and Quinn have been very vocal about their experiences, with the two writing a book called Victim F: From Crime Victims to Suspects to Survivors. “There were things that happened that we saw, that we heard. It just would have been impossible to have been done by one guy,” Huskins said to ABC 7. “There are other people out there. That’s something that we’ve had to live with and somehow make peace with.”

American Nightmare is now available to stream on Netflix.

In Victim F
, Aaron and Denise recount the horrific ordeal that almost cost them everything. Like too many victims of sexual violence, they were dismissed, disbelieved, and dragged through the mud. With no one to rely on except each other, they took on the victim blaming, harassment, misogyny, and abuse of power running rife in the criminal justice system. Their story is, in the end, a love story, but one that sheds necessary light on sexual assault and the abuse by law enforcement that all too frequently compounds crime victims’ suffering.

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