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He made a surprise appearance on the reunion episode and now everyone is wondering why did Callum and Molly break up from Love Island UK because the timing of everything is a little… suspicious. They were among the show’s longest-lasting couples, after all.

Love Island UK is ITV2’s reality TV dating series following a group of attractive contestants—also known as islanders—as they couple up in a private villa on a tropical island. The UK series, which is the original Love Island, premiered on ITV in 2005 but it wasn’t until it was rebooted on ITV2 in 2015 that it became an international phenomenon watched by millions of viewers across the world. Since then, Love Island UK has led to dozens of international spinoffs in countries like the United States, Australia, South Africa, and Spain. 

The show, which is one of the United Kingdom’s highest-rated reality TV series ever, has also led to real-life marriages and babies for couples who met as contestants such as Season 2’s Cara De La Hoyde and Nathan Massey, who are married and share two children, and Season 3’s Camilla Thurlow and Jamie Jewitt, who are also married with two children.

Molly and Callum appeared on the first winter iteration of Love Island UK in 2020; he famously dumped Shaugnha Phillips for her after Casa Amor. They’re relationship appeared to go from strength to strength, they even got two dogs together. But it wouldn’t last and now they’re back for Love Island All Stars. Here’s everything we know about why Callum and Molly broke up from Love Island UK.

Why did Callum and Molly break up from Love Island UK?

Why did Callum and Molly break up from Love Island UK? Neither of them have spoken publicly about the split but sources quoted by The Sun said all the talk about engagement and kids was the cause of the rift. “They’re trying to stay friends,” a source told the tabloid, confirming the couple split in September 2023. “It’s really sad as they were a sweet couple together but it’s over – and has been for a few weeks,” the insider said.

“They were together for over three years – but it’s difficult. I think in the end, Molly wanted to get engaged and that didn’t happen. Everyone was really surprised when they split as they were perfectly matched. He’s now moved out of the home they shared and they’ve split custody of their two dogs.”

In a move that shocked viewers, they reunited on Love Island: All Stars on January 15, 2024, with the host Maya explaining that Callum could steal one of the ladies from their newly-coupled-up partner, or he could reunite with his ex.

Love Island All Stars Cast

This was deemed suspicious by some viewers, who wondered if Molly and Callum had even broken up. “Are we even sure that Callum and Molly aren’t together still lol,” asked one fan. “Molly and Callum are still together they are going in there for the fame duuuuuhhhhhh,” another viewer insisted.

The sentiments continued. “Callum & Molly still got pictures together on their insta… could be a publicity stunt,” said another. “I don’t care what anyone says. Molly & Callum have split up purposely to go in for this reason. Been together 3 years and conveniently split 6 months before All Stars airs – they’re getting paid the bigggggg bucks,” another tweeted.

After celebrating their two-year anniversary, Callum told the Daily Mail that: “We are perfect. We’ve got two dogs so we’ve got a proper little family going, it’s lovely. There is other things we want to focus on at the minute but obviously, in the future it’s definitely something we both want together…” He continued: We’ve just not really decided when. We’re just enjoying things that we’ve got at the minute and then family and marriage will eventually come into it.”

How does Love Island: All Stars work?

If you’re tuning into the Love Island series for the first time, let us give you a breakdown of how Love Island works. The show starts with a group of singles who are invited to a villa on a tropical island with the hopes of finding love. Within moments of meeting each other, the contestants must couple up. As couples, the contestants are required to sleep in the same bed and complete challenges together. As the season progresses, additional contestants (a.k.a. “bombshells”) surprise existing contestants and enter the villa. That means existing islanders must choose whether to stay with their current partner or couple up with a new bombshell.

To spice things up, there’s a re-coupling each week, which decides which of the single contestants get sent home. Typically, either the existing islanders, a new bombshell, or the public decides who leaves the villa. The season concludes with the public voting for their favorite couple among the finalists, and the winning pair receives a cash prize. On Love Island UK, the prize is 50,000 pounds. However, the money doesn’t go to both individuals in the couple; it goes to one person at random. That person must then decide whether to share the money with their partner or keep it all for themselves.

Love Island All Stars will be the first of its kind to have a cast of solely returning contestants (12 to start). The islanders will get another chance at finding love as they each try to couple up with each other to dodge getting dumped from the villa. As usual, relationships will face many obstacles, whether it be challenges or new bombshells that enter the villa to shake things up. Similar to the other Love Island spin-offs, only one pair will be crowned the winners.

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