Your Horoscope This Week: May 7 to 13, 2023


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Cosmic beings, we’re only one week away from the end of Mercury’s retrograde through the fixed sign of Taurus. Last Friday’s Scorpio lunar eclipse energy is still permeating through the cosmos, but the most intense part is now behind us. 

This week, you’ll be looking at the world from a fresh perspective. Chances are, you faced your deepest shadows during eclipse season, and now you’re ready to turn over a leaf and welcome a new beginning. Since we’re still in retrograde season there’s no need to rush — instead, use these next two weeks of Taurus season to simplify and strategize. 

Jupiter, the planet of abundance, spends its last full week in the bold Fire sign of Aries, and all zodiac signs are likely to feel more driven as a result. This is an ideal week to shoot our shots when it comes to applying for positions or programs that have been on our minds for a while. The combination of Venus’ presence in Cancer and Jupiter in Aries will help us prioritize the bliss of our inner children. As we make our inner children happy, the world vibrates at a higher frequency.

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Aries Sun & Aries Rising

Congrats, Aries — you made it through a double-whammy of Mars-ruled eclipses. The first one was a solar eclipse that occurred on April 20, in the final degrees of your sign, and the most recent one was a lunar eclipse in Scorpio that took place on May 5. Since both you and Scorpio are ruled by Mars, you particularly felt the flames of rebirth within and around you.

 This week, Jupiter, the planet of abundance, is preparing to round out its stay in your sign, before shifting into Taurus next week on May 16. In many ways, you’ve reached a cosmic rite of passage. You can tell that a part of your life is ending, and another is beginning, but you may be in a period of limbo right now. Even if it’s hard for you to be patient, that’s what the Universe is asking you to do this week, Aries. Slow down, smell the roses, and trust the process. ILLUSTRATED BY SUCHET INUTHAI

Taurus Sun & Taurus Rising

Taurus, you can tell that everything in your life, and in your relationships, is changing. But you can’t yet pinpoint how or why, and this week you may be prone to overthinking. Mercury, the planet of communication, is spending its final week retrograde in your sign, so you’re in a period of tremendous re-evaluation of your values, priorities, and desires. The key to flowing through the post-eclipse week is to lighten up, Taurus, even if it may feel counterintuitive. 

With your planetary ruler, Venus, spending its first full week in the sign of Cancer, you’ll feel open to connecting with people who understand you without the need for words. Retrograde season may also lead to you hitting up someone from your past or being contacted by an old flame or friend. Before making an extreme decision about them, check in with your body to see how it feels. That’ll tell you everything you need to know. ILLUSTRATED BY SUCHET INUTHAI

Gemini Sun & Gemini Rising

Gemini, your planetary ruler Mercury ends its retrograde at the end of the week, and this may ease up miscommunications or confusions you’ve experienced in your personal or professional life. There’s still a two-week post-shadow period to be aware of, but for the most part, you’ll have the green light to move forward with travel plans or contractual agreements. 

A part of you may be experiencing a post-eclipse hangover though, especially when it comes to the work you do and the habits you have. Last week’s Scorpio lunar eclipse took place in your sector of routine and service, and it signaled a necessary ending to a certain pattern of behavior you had in those realms of your life. This week, you may decide to redirect your energy and resources toward outlets and relationships that feel mutually beneficial and regenerative. This may look like saying no to people’s requests of you, no matter how sweetly they may ask. ILLUSTRATED BY SUCHET INUTHAI

Cancer Sun & Cancer Rising

Congratulations, Cancer — you’ve made it through the peak of eclipse season. Now, breathe your way through the rebirth process. You’re ruled by the Moon, so you’re one of the signs that’s most sensitive to eclipse energy. As the week begins, the Capricorn moon highlights your need for reassurance and stability in key partnerships. But the only way to receive what you desire is to vocalize it — make it your mission to make your needs known instead of acting like you have none. 

The moon’s presence in Aquarius Wednesday through Friday encourages you to think outside of the box when it comes to who you can collaborate with these next few weeks. Now that Venus, the planet of love, is spending time in your sign, you’re more magnetic and selective, allowing you to pinpoint the energy you feel most compatible with. Remember Cancer: just because many people are now drawn to your magnetism, does not mean you owe everyone your attention. ILLUSTRATED BY SUCHET INUTHAI

Leo Sun & Leo Rising

Leo, now that Pluto, the planet of transformation, is retrograde in Aquarius for the next five months, your past partnerships and friendships are on your mind. Become aware of how you subconsciously feel about people in your orbit, and get curious about those feelings. There’s no right or wrong — the key is to remain honest with yourself and others. A healing heart-to-heart is likely to occur this week, perhaps Wednesday through Friday, when the moon’s in Aquarius. 

With Venus, the planet of love, currently in Cancer for the next four weeks, your sector of spirituality and healing is activated, Leo, and you’ll be surprised at how tender you’re feeling inside, even if you look like a regal warrior on the outside. Direct all that sensitivity toward a creative endeavor or project that you’ve been meaning to pick back up. You’ll find that your imagination inspires you beyond words, allowing you to healthily release pent-up emotions.ILLUSTRATED BY SUCHET INUTHAI

Virgo Sun & Virgo Rising

Virgo, your planetary ruler Mercury ends its retrograde at the end of this week, but before we get there, the moon’s in Capricorn Monday through Wednesday, encouraging you to create a game plan for what you want to tackle once Mercury is direct. This probably has to do with whatever objectives you’ve procrastinated on most. Break things down step by step and you’ll feel less overwhelmed. 

Mid-week, the Aquarius moon activates your sector of health and service and reminds you that there’s more than one way to be productive. If you’re feeling bored by the same old routine (especially since we’re in retrograde season and repetition can feel like a norm), you’ll be curious about ways to switch up your schedule, especially toward the second half of the week. There’s no need to overthink it, Virgo — make it up as you go. ILLUSTRATED BY SUCHET INUTHAI

Libra Sun & Libra Rising

Libra, now that the Scorpio eclipse has taken place, your relationship with money and your self-esteem is rapidly transforming. You may be inspired to look into different forms of generating income, or, alternatively, you may feel ready to go back to a past career path or hobby that feels more stimulating than your current one. Mercury’s still retrograde in Taurus until May 14, so, while re-evaluating your priorities is recommended, avoid making brash decisions this week. 

With Venus, your planetary ruler, settling into Cancer for the next four weeks, you’re adopting a more cautious and intuitive approach to social connections. This may mean turning down certain invitations that don’t spark joy, or that appear to be energy-draining. There’s no need to make excuses or over-explain yourself, Libra — if you don’t want to go, then don’t go. Utilize the moon’s entrance into Aquarius on Thursday to practice the art of setting firm boundaries without apology.ILLUSTRATED BY SUCHET INUTHAI

Scorpio Sun & Scorpio Rising

You’ve come so far, Scorpio. This week, take time to recognize this — and to celebrate yourself. You’ll still be feeling the after-effects of the intense Scorpio lunar eclipse that took place in your sign last week, but you’ll also feel like you’ve reached a significant milestone in your personal and spiritual journey. Chances are, you took a risk this month and put yourself out there, and now it’s a waiting game to see if that risk will pay off. Dare to believe in the best-case scenario. 

With the moon in Capricorn as the week begins, activating your communication sector, you’ll be ready to brainstorm your next big move, and the lingering eclipse energy will help you stay committed to the path, no matter how improbable it might seem to others. 

By this weekend, the moon’s presence in Pisces reminds you that there’s more to life than strategizing. Your sector of true love, dating, and fun will be activated by the Pisces moon, so say yes to pleasurable activities that remind you of what it means to be alive.  ILLUSTRATED BY SUCHET INUTHAI

Sagittarius Sun & Sagittarius Rising

Sag, your planetary ruler, Jupiter, is enjoying its final stretch in your fellow Fire sign of Aries, this week. Your adventurous side is shining and wants to be let out to play, especially since Mercury’s final week retrograde in Taurus could be making life feel a tad too practical or predictable lately. You’ve used this retrograde season to restructure your life, but now you’re seeking greater stimulation and expansion. Gift yourself both stability and spontaneity, Sag. Abundance is your birthright. 

An exciting opportunity to leap out of your safety net will appear from Wednesday through Friday, when the moon spends time in the freedom-loving sign of Aquarius, activating your sector of communication and creativity. The only potential caveat to this is the planetary square (astrological friction) that Venus in Cancer forms with your Sagittarius nature, which could lead to you getting easily distracted and losing your focus.

Capricorn Sun & Capricorn Rising

Capricorn, ever since your planetary ruler Saturn has been transiting through Pisces, you’re learning how to deepen your connection with your intuition, and your instincts. Last week’s Scorpio lunar eclipse in your sector of friendships may have signaled a necessary yet difficult ending or rupture that you’re still unpacking. Take time to grieve any connections that ended dramatically, instead of pretending like it didn’t affect you. 

The Moon’s presence in your sign Monday through Wednesday helps you communicate your latest objectives to your own self first and foremost. You probably won’t gain the clarity you seek until next week, once Mercury is direct, but take time to brainstorm your current priorities, and then you’ll re-evaluate them post-retrograde. 

By this weekend, the Pisces moon reminds you of the power of presence, and meditation. Spending time in nature with your most trusted friends is exactly what you need to feel rejuvenated, loved, and supported.  ILLUSTRATED BY SUCHET INUTHAI

Aquarius Sun & Aquarius Rising

Aquarius, Pluto’s retrograde through your sign is increasing your introspective nature this week. Venus’ shift into Cancer for the next four weeks further contributes to this cosmic mood, as it intensifies your emotional responses in a way that might have you perplexed at the waves of emotions you’re feeling all at once. Pluto retrograde is here to help you better tend to yourself. 

With the moon in Capricorn as the week begins, your sector of spirituality and healing is activated. Then from Wednesday to Friday, the moon enters your sign and helps you feel more attuned to your instincts. Mercury continues to be retrograde until May 14, so it’s better to use the Aquarius moon to journal your thoughts rather than immediately act on them. Breathe through each feeling of discomfort that may emerge from your soul-searching journey. It’ll all make sense in due time.ILLUSTRATED BY SUCHET INUTHAI

Pisces Sun & Pisces Rising

Pisces, your planetary ruler Jupiter is spending its final full week in Aries, activating your money sector. Financial planning and risk-taking are two key themes of this post-eclipse week. Yes, Mercury is still retrograde in Taurus until May 14, but this is actually prime time for revisiting your budget and expenses from the first third of the year and making necessary adjustments. The more you allow yourself to courageously face the murkier areas of your financial journey, the more confident you’ll become when it comes to wealth-building, and this will ultimately boost your self-esteem. 

In matters of the heart, Venus, the planet of love, spends its first full week in your fellow Water sign of Cancer, and harmonizes with Saturn, known as “the teacher planet,” which is currently in your sign until 2023. You may experience a significant breakthrough in your relationships as a result of this water sign energy. 

Mark this Friday and Saturday as key days for saying yes to dates, or taking yourself out on one. Your magnetism is fiercer and more irresistible than usual, Pisces, so make the most of this transit and direct your energy toward what your heart truly wants from love and intimacy. And if you need time to figure out what it wants, then gift yourself time. ILLUSTRATED BY SUCHET INUTHAI

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