Zodiac Signs as ‘The Last of Us’ Characters—Which One Are You?


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Ever since HBO Max’s The Last of Us premiered on January 15, 2023 it has captured the attention of the whole world. Whether you’re familiar with these incredibly layered characters through the video game or the show, it’s time to talk about which character from The Last of Us matches each zodiac sign.

While HBO Max’s adaptation of The Last of Us went above and beyond to tell this story as beautifully as possible, let’s not forget the Naughty Dog video game that started it all. When it was released in 2013, the video game blew everyone’s mind with its intricate and emotionally complex characters and its enchanting and highly realistic graphics. Aside from the immense artistry at work, the game itself was also a thrilling experience with its online gameplay amassing an enduring cult following.

If you were a fan of the game, you might have set high standards for the show that HBO Max worked hard to exceed. Casting Game of Thrones alumni like the legendary Pedro Pascal and the talented Bella Ramsey was a good sign right from the start. With episode three bringing everyone to tears through a gorgeous gay love story set in a post-apocalyptic world, how could you not be won over? It became clear the show runners know exactly when to veer away from the original script and when to try something different, making the show not only a critical success, but a success with its core fan base.

So, which character in The Last of Us captures your zodiac sign? Read on to find out:

Zodiac Signs as The Last of Us Characters

The Last of Us Tess


Tess has survived this post-apocalyptic world by making people fear her, which is incredibly Aries. She wears cuts and bruises on her face like a badge of honor, yet it does nothing to stifle her aggressive and warrior-like beauty. She is the very definition of a person you do not want to mess with, radiating Aries energy like a rolling ball of fire. Plus, only an Aries would have the guts to go out the way she did.

The Last of Us Bill


If anyone is gonna hole themselves up in their house during the apocalypse, it’s gonna be Taurus. Bill was more prepared for this cordyceps outbreak than anyone, having all the tools, food and ammunition he could ever possibly need. Taurus people are incredibly resourceful, but they’re also slow to trust, as evidenced by Bill’s isolationist tendencies. However, the fact that he’s ruled by romantic Venus soon becomes clear, as he eventually found someone worth opening his heart to.

The Last of Us Sam


Despite the world being shrouded in darkness, disease and destruction, Sam doesn’t let go of his childlike wonder and enthusiasm. Geminis are endlessly youthful in their curiosity and interest in learning, which Sam displays the moment he stumbles upon a playroom. Plus, Geminis are the zodiac sign of communication, and the way Sam communicates though sign language in a post-apocalyptic world is a core aspect of his character. In a world without kids, schools or any semblance of normalcy, Sam is still an inquisitive Gemini, ready to learn more.

The Last of Us Tommy


Tommy is a person you know you can trust, which makes his Cancer energy clear. In a world where you have to fight to survive and choose violence in order to defend yourself, Tommy takes a different path. All Joel’s caring and compassionate brother wants is a solid family and a loving home. He had to leave Joel behind in order to create the domestic life had had been dreaming of, which is so Cancer of him. At the end of the day, Cancers only care about what matters most.

The Last of Us Kathleen


Kathleen is the domineering and intense leader of a resistance group in Kansas City. Although she is not a character in the original video game, Kathleen manages to dominate the screen just like the vibrant and fearsome Leo she is. It’s so Leo of her to be a powerful woman who has a pack burly men as her bodyguards and a whole clan of loyal subjects following her around! Ruled by the sun, Leo is famed for its warm and inviting presence, which is what makes Kathleen so creepy. She may come across as a ray of light, but if you stand that close to the sun, you’ll eventually get burned!

The Last of Us Riley


Riley may be Ellie’s friend and potential love interest, but she’s also her provider and protector. Riley has an incredibly hands-on approach to surviving in this post-apocalyptic world, making her someone that gets sh*t done just as effectively as a Virgo. Rather than wait for someone to tell her what to do and how to do it, Riley not only figures it out herself, but figures out how to do it even better. Riley is someone who actually wants to contribute and work hard toward something bigger than herself, like every Virgo.

The Last of Us Frank


Frank could be nothing less than a Libra. This is the zodiac sign of relationships, friendship and of course, love. Frank’s impact in this post-apocalyptic world is to remind us that we are still human. Despite the cordyseps outbreak and the terror of living in a ruthless reality, Frank creates a normal and vibrant suburban life for himself and his partner, Bill. He concocts beautiful dinners, invites friends over for glasses of wine and continues to cherish the memories of our culture and humanity. Libra is the zodiac sign of Justice and Frank gets his revenge on this messed up world be refusing to allow it to ruin him.

The Last of Us Maria


Scorpios are basically human lie detectors. Tommy’s loyal and no-nonsense wife, Maria, could only be a Scorpio, considering that she could instantly tell Ellie and Joel were omitting information. Scorpios are also very serious when it comes to strengthening and maintaining their circle of trust, which is why she warned Ellie to choose who she trusts very carefully, because it’s the people you trust who are capable of betraying you. I’ll take “Scorpio advice” for $200, please!

The Last of Us Henry


Sagittarians are always down to take the road less traveled. While everyone is afraid of traveling underground, Henry is hopeful that it’s actually a lot safer than everyone says it is. Although he winds up being wrong about that when an army of infected eventually burst up from the ground, his courage to try something different helped them travel through the city and escape from Kathleen’s cult. If anyone is gonna be lucky when it comes to narrowly escaping death while on their adventures, it’s gonna be a Sagittarius.

The Last of Us Pedro Pascal Joel


Joel is a hardened and rugged individual who maneuvers this post-apocalyptic world just like a Capricorn. A father-figure to his core, Joel responded to the trauma of losing his daughter in a very Saturnian way, which is to bury it way down and swallow it back. Capricorns are build to triumph adversity and embrace the upward climb, but they do this by compartmentalizing their very deep well of emotions. The moment Ellie enters the scene, Joel’s paternal instincts kick back in, and even though he appears rough and unfriendly, his heart is as pure as they come.

The Last of Us Marlene


Like all Aquariuses, Marlene is working toward something much bigger than herself. As a dedicated member of the Fireflies, Marlene is willing to make tough decisions for the perceived betterment of humanity. And while we may find her choices morally wrong, it’s very Aquarius for Marlene to do what she believes needs to be done, regardless of how she’s judged for it. Like every Aquarius, Marlene is a revolutionary, as evidenced by her commitment to the creation of a vaccine. However, the potential downsides of this makes Aquarius a zodiac sign that can get so wrapped up in striving for a better tomorrow that they forget to do the right thing today.

The Last of Us Ellie


If there’s one word that could describe the Pisces experience, it would be sacrifice. Ellie is an incredibly old soul and wise for her age, having to carry the survivor’s guilt of being immune to cordyceps and watching her loved ones die all around her. That’s why Ellie is more than willing to set aside her needs for the sake of others, even if it means sacrificing her life altogether. She’s also a highly imaginative person who dreams of the world before it was destroyed and how beautiful it must have been. In fact, her imagination is what allows her to disassociate from her trauma, which is so Pisces of her.

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